John Cantu & Gang

Industry Jokes

by John Cantu ©

Immediately following the show...

  • Woman: (to comic) That was the BEST show I've ever seen! God, you were sooo FUNNY! I was kind of down boyfriend and I broke up...I didn't want to go out, but my friends made me come here. I am SO glad they did...You were wonderful!
  • Thanks! (SHE TURNS TO GO)
  • Comic: Wait! Where are you going?
  • Woman: To sleep with a member of the band across the street.

A woman walks up to a comic after the show and says:

  • "That was the best show I've ever seen. You are sooooo sexy. I watched you and I got hot and excited. I want to take you back to my place and make mad passionate love to you."
  • The comic looks at her and says, "Did you see the first show, or the second?"

(Cantu says, "Now that's VERY funny and VERY true!")

Three comics die on the way to a gig... They get to heaven, and St. Peter welcomes them at the gate:

  • "Hello, my Son," St. Peter says to the headliner. "You were one of the Lord's favorites... You had so much potential ahead of you, but the work you leave behind will be remembered for an eternity. You have made many laugh, and have pleased us all. Come in and sit at the right hand of the Father."
  • He turns to the middle act: "The joy you spread upon this planet has earned you a special place as well. Come in, and take a special seat at the left hand of the Father."
  • He turns to the MC/opener and says, "Oh.. You were funny too..."

How many comics does it take to screw in a light bulb in a comedy condo?

  • There are no light bulbs in a comedy condo.

Why did the comic cross the road?

  • Never mind, you wouldn't get it anyway.

The only difference between a comic and someone on unemployment:

  • The person on unemployment is GUARANTEED the check is in the mail on the 15th.

St. Peter asks three people why they should get past the pearly gates:

  • 1st Guy says, "I was a policeman. I helped stop crime and saved many people."
  • St. Peter says, "Yes, you may come into heaven."
  • 2nd Guy says, "I was a writer. I wrote books that helped expand minds and educate people."
  • St. Peter says,"Yes, you may come into heaven."
  • 3rd Guy says, "I was a comedian. I made people laugh."
  • St. Peter says,"Can you send me a tape?"

Reprinted from:

A girl goes to her father and introduces her boyfriend.

  • "Dad, this is Jim. He and I want to get married."
  • Father: "Where did you meet?
  • "At the Ha Ha Ago Go comedy club. He was performing there."
  • Father goes nuts. "Never. Never. I would never let any of my children marry a comedian. - - - much less the love of my life - my only daughter."
  • Comic says, "Gee, you know, you have never even seen me perform. Will you at least come to the club and hear me on Saturday night?"
  • Father refuses, but all week long his daughter cajoles him. So Saturday evening he gets in a car and drives to the club. He sits grimly through the show. As the house lights go up, he turns to his daughter and says, "Okay, you can marry him."
  • "Oh Dad. Thanks. What made you change your mind?"
  • "He's no comedian."

Comedian to Club Owner:

  • "Hey, I'm in a limo wherever I go."
  • "Really? How long you've been a chauffeur?"


  • Open miker with a beeper

What do 99% of all aspiring comics say during their gig?

  • "Want fries with that?"

Comic wins the state lottery:

  • Friend says, "Wow, what are you gonna do with all that?"
  • "Keep showcasing till the money runs out."

How many hecklers does it take to pave a driveway?

  • About a dozen if you smooth them out right.

Comic runs into a friend on a street corner.

  • "How's work?"
  • "Well I had a gig at the biggest casino in Vegas. But then they put in paper towels."

This is true:

Winston Churchill's oldest daughter, Sarah, had married Vic Oliver, a music-hall comedian. At a family dinner Oliver, who brought along a guest, tried to draw out his famous father-in-law from one of his periodic silent moods.

  • "Winston, who, in your opinion, was the greatest statesman you have ever known?"
  • "Benito Mussolini," was the unexpected reply.
  • "What? Why is that?" said a surprised Oliver.
  • "Mussolini is the only statesman," grumbled Churchill, "who had the requisite courage to have his own son-in-law executed."

(Count Ciano, the former Italian Foreign Secretary who married Mussolini's daughter was shot in 1942.)

From More Podium Humor by James C. Humes

Open miker goes to the doctor:

  • "I can't go to the bathroom."
  • Doctor gives him some pills. "Take two of these every day and you'll be fine."
  • Two weeks later he returns. "I still can't go to the bathroom."
  • Doctor doubles the dose.
  • Comic returns in a week looking terrible. "I still can't go to the bathroom."
  • "Hmm, what do you do for a living?"
  • "I'm a comedian."
  • "Oh, here's $20 bucks. Try getting yourself something to eat."

What is the least used sentence in the English language?

  • "Is that the MC's Porsche?"