John Cantu & Gang

Cantu was a professional humorist, humor writer, humor coach, and professional speaker

John Cantu's Credits

  • He's a former National Speakers Association-Northern California/Board Member.
  • He has spoken for Deloitte Touche (San Francisco and Sacramento branches), The IRS Service Center - Austin, Toastmasters Region One Conference, Toastmasters Region Two Conference (MC for the Entertainment portion), National Speakers Association - (Northern California and Sacramento chapters, and the 2001 Western Winter Workshop), UC - Hayward, UC - Sonoma, San Francisco State, University of San Francisco, and for many other organizations presenting participants with a thoroughly polished body of tips, techniques, and usable advice still found in all of John's "How To" Comedy products.
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Cantu spoke of real world accomplishments, experiences, & adventures . . .

  • As a humor coach, Cantu has worked with many professional communicators including Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE and former National Speakers' Association president; Malcolm Kushner (Humor consultant & author The Light Touch; & Public Speaking for Dummies); and Mark S.A. Smith (Co-Author Guerrilla Trade Show Selling & Guerrilla Teleselling) so you know you will get learning materials that work in the real world.
  • Cantu has produced or co-produced shows at many of San Francisco, California's top comedy nightclubs including: Cobb's Pub, Downstairs at the Boarding House, Holy City Zoo, Punchline, and Rose & Thistle, so he understood how to use stage dynamics and pacing to give your audience a quality presentation.
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Cantu has showcased some of the USA's best nationally known performers . . .

Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, The Amazing Jonathan (Jonathan Szeles), Rob Becker, A. Whitney Brown, Dana Carvey, Margaret Cho, Will Durst, Larry Hovis, Kevin Meany, Kevin Pollock, Paula Poundstone, Rick Reynolds, Ron Schneider, Bobby Slayton, Carry Snow, and literally hundreds more during a twenty-year plus span as a comedy producer. Thus, he often illustrated his points of wisdom with entertaining stories that often are little known since only he and the star were present.

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He has hosted auditions for . . .

  • America's Funniest People, Fernwood Tonight, The New Laugh-In Show, and Saturday Night Live, and for more than fifty other producers, agents, and production companies and was virtually unflappable in unexpected emergencies.

Cantu was interviewed by dozens of media outlets (print, radio, and television) . . .

  • Including being featured Entertainment Weekly (circulation two million).
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He has written humor for various humor print publications ...

  • Cheap Laughs (Editor & Publisher), Cheep Laughs, Comedy Today, Comedy/Update (Editor & Publisher), Contemporary Comedy, Orben's Comedy Fillers, and Orben's Current Comedy.

And he has also written nightclub material performed by . . .

  • Phyllis Diller, Kevin Meany, Gary Owens, Joan Rivers, Smothers Brothers, Wil Shriner, Rip Taylor and other comedians.

Miscellaneous writing assignments include . . .

  • Syndicated cartoons: Bound & Gagged, Frank & Ernest, The Lockehorns, Marmaduke, Trudy, Wee Pals, ,and Ziggy.
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And he has created original material for . . .

  • A wide variety of clients: ad agencies, greeting card publishers, the All I need to Know About Life I learned From StarTrek poster for Portal Publications; Castlewalk (co-writer, full-length film feature), Murder at 45 RPM's (Television one hour script); and a variety of odd-ball projects too complex, arcane, or weird to list.
  • Cantu has also written many freelance articles about humor and comedy published in a variety of places so he often addressed all three types in his video/audios: non-humor people; people who speak for their laughs; people who write for their laughs.
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John's FUNeral made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Obit John Cantu -- passionate voice for comics in S.F.
Funeral: Show goes on at memorial for comedian / Eulogists get 2 1/2 minutes each to do their shtick at the packed service